Webinar: Distinctive presentation “Centro Comercial Bioseguro”

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2021, February 17

Distinctive “Bioseguro Shopping Center”

Last Wednesday, June 10, 2020, a webinar organized by the International Association of Engineering and Architecture (IAEA) was held to present to the public the distinctive “Bioseguro Shopping Center” in which the association, together with a multidisciplinary team of experts, has been working.

The distinctive was born due to the current situation we are going through due to Covid19, with the purpose that when the so-called ¨new normality¨ arrives, the owners, customers, visitors and workers of the shopping centers feel safe to go to these places, since they are They have been previously audited and certified under the defined biosafety criteria. The badge certifies the response capacity of shopping centers against potentially infectious or biological risk agents.

The IAEA and the team of experts, defined a scheme of dimensions and credits for the badge evaluation system where the prescriptions and objective conditions to be met are established in order to opt for obtaining one of the three levels of the badge. The badge is divided into eight dimensions; avoid risk, minimize risk, control risk, evolution of the technique, elements of collective protection, elements of individual protection, organization of the shopping center and organization of business activities. Each of these dimensions has a series of credits.

As mentioned above, the badge has three levels; adequate, outstanding and excellent. The appropriate level is the one that only adheres to the legislative and mandatory preventive measures, the outstanding level is based on the improvement of existing protocols and measures and, finally, the excellent level is the one that fully manages the risk and uses the means protection to the maximum. For the evaluation, each credit of each dimension has a series of requirements for each of the three levels.

Once all the credits of all dimensions have been evaluated, we proceed, through a rating system, to score the shopping center, based on the score obtained. </p>

Through the badge, it is expected to provide citizens in general, who come to the center, both visitors and workers, as well as the owners and tenants themselves, the assurance that the place has protection and prevention measures in biosecurity that they seek protect health and life.

For more information about the badge and its obtaining, contact: secretaria@iaea-engineering-architecture.com


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