Our technical service is made up of various specialists to prevent and / or solve problems.

Systems and Solutions Evaluations



Systems and Solutions

For a better internal management of companies, we offer the evaluation of services and products.
We analyze documentation, solutions and systems with their own procedures for the granting of the voluntary label “IAEA – EVALUATED”.
This service consists of making an in-depth analysis of a product or service determined by the company, in order to identify possible management failures and opportunities.
Our idea is to contribute to the potentialization of business activity at a national and international level.

Multisectoral complexity analysis

The Association has its own method for evaluating Sector Complexity developed under scientific bases, in conjunction with an important University.
This highly precise method applied when identifying and classifying the most complex levels of entities in a certain sector.


If your company has captured an important project in a country where it does not have a subsidiary or branch, we can make its execution viable through our intermediation.
Being an international organization and having associated companies from all over the world, we can locate a company in the country of your interest to give you the necessary support to carry out the desired work, in any field of Engineering and Architecture.