Secure and
Resilient Seal

IAEA certifies those who have demonstrated compliance with functional, structural and dimensional measurements.


Safe and Resilient City


Safe and Resilient Harbor


Safe and Resilient Museum


Safe and Resilient Infrastructure


Safe and Resilient Work

Security and Resilience Badges

Society needs to regain confidence in security when carrying out its activities.
This is why the IAEA developed a distinctive that classifies the level of resilience, civil and occupational safety adopted.
The badge establishes the graduation of protection to adjust the risk at each level, with the aim of ensuring biosecurity within shopping centers, cruise ships, museums, stadiums, parks, supermarket, construction sites, hotels, mines, health centers and cities. ; classifying them in three different levels, adequate, outstanding and excellent.
The badge manages biosecurity by applying risk management principles:

  • Increase the probability and / or impact of positive risks
  • Reduce the probability and / or impact of negative risks

in order to meet the requirements and demands that apply from the legal, social, ethical, moral, economic and scientific points of view.

Badge levels


It complies with the protocols and the mandatory means of protection are incorporated..


Risk prevention and protection means based on biosecurity risk are incorporated. It is the desirable level.


Level where the risk is fully managed and the means of protection available are used at the highest level: it corresponds to the lowest level of risk.